Dream Arrows

Dream Arrows is a motivational, inspirational, and educational platform for children.

Our stories and animation videos are carefully designed to help children get engaged in reading while guiding them to enhance their creativity and boost their imagination. Each story carries a different emotion, moral value, and valuable learning.

Inspirational stories can help children to learn about their own strengths, stimulate their imagination and expand their understanding of the world.

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Author - Nuwan Samarapathi

Nuwan Samarapathi is a NLP Coach, Motivational Trainer, and Self-help author.

Nuwan is a Marketing graduate of Deakin University, Melbourne - Australia. He is also a USA-qualified Master Practitioner & Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline therapy. He also holds a Diploma in sports psychology.

Nuwan has written many unique motivational books for the international market focusing on adults. He is the founder and the owner of the “Dream Arrows platform,” where children are offered E-books, paper books, animation stories, videos, and other learning materials.

“Dream Arrows – Small steps, Big dreams”