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This edition of the children’s storybook is a little more elaborative and has many lessons for kids to learn. All the stories have the purpose of teaching younger children some of the important human traits. 


The first story, “Cake Serving,” starts with a visit of mother and daughter to a cake bakery and ends with a beautiful message of sharing your things with others and caring for others’ wishes. It also brings out the message of kind gestures and how a small, sweet gesture can give some huge happiness.  


The second story of a “ZooKeeper” first teaches about the needs of different animals and how we should take care of them. Then it proceeds to let the children learn about giving back from what you receive. 


Going further comes a story of a “Farmer and His Honesty”. This could be an excellent lesson for children to know the significance of honesty and how it helps us in difficult situations.  


However, the fourth story changes the direction from learning to fun to keep the interest of little readers maintained. Although, this lovely story also has a message of “Fixing Broken Things” and taking care of those things. The following story is about “Negligence” and how to tackle it. There is another story about learning the consequences of doing something wrong. 


Overall, this is a must-buy book for parents and teachers who want to keep their children engaged with reading and learning life lessons. Along with building interest in reading, this book has a lot to learn from. 

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