The secret story of Betty


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This is a story of a young girl named Betty. She was raised in a wealthy family in Brussels Belgium. She got everything that a little girl would have wanted. However, she was very rude and hateful towards others. She does not like some children in the neighborhood and at school.  


She went to the best school but refused at some point. Until she is promised gifts, she does not want to cooperate. Her attitude is bad and her parents are worried about it.  


The story takes an interesting turn when Betty’s parents said they have a surprise for her. Betty felt so happy and couldn’t wait until she comes home for her new “gift” but what Betty didn’t know was this gift would change her life forever.  


Very exciting, inspirational and educational story for children. 


They think that the best way to please her is to bring another child to keep Betty accompanied but it does not work.

The surprise of her adopted sister is pulled when she gets home from school. She is not happy about the new sister and she thinks that she is bringing competition. She even confesses that Lisa has come to steal her joy and peace. She refuses to hug her, welcome her and even eat food which makes Lisa cry.  


The parents cannot take it anymore and they decide to teach her a lesson. They are summoned to the dining place and her mother reveals a secret. She informs Betty that she was also adopted like Lisa but no one harasses her. She is told that at two weeks, her biological mother gave up on her and the Kiyos decided to adopt her.  


This was shocking and transformative at the same time. Betty feels sorry about treating Lisa badly, hugs her, and welcomes her home. She learns that they all belong together and for the first time, she calls Lisa sister. Everyone is happy, they cheer up and the family is happy. They are all happy.  

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