Jack and his jungle friends


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Once upon a time, there lived a courageous and very kind hunter named Jack. He loved the jungle and animals. When he was little, his parents used to take him to visit the jungle, and he loved it, but when he lost both his parents in an accident, the villagers came forward to look after Jack until he was old enough. He decided to build his house inside the jungle, and he had many animals living with him. One day he caught a baby lion, but parent lions never came looking for their baby. Jack adapted the baby lion and named him Leo. Soon the cub grew fully into an enormous lion, and this story will take the reader on an exciting journey with Jack, his pet lion Leo and other animals. Towards the end, something unexpected happens, and can Jack trust Leo anymore? Find out what happens to Jack’s other animals when Jack didn’t come home one night.    


This is a fascinating book with pictures for children. 

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3 – 10 Years


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