Why don’t they love me anymore?


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Jane is a lovely twelve-year-old girl who wants her mom and dad to always play with her. What she cannot understand is, “why are they always busy? Why can’t they come and play with her?” Jane is upset that her mom keeps promising to take her to the Maldives, but her dad keeps postponing it because he is busy with work. 


One day Jane was waiting for her mom to pick her up from school, but she didn’t come on time. Jane was very upset with her mum being late. “Why can’t she even make it on time to pick me up? I don’t think she loves me anymore,” Jane thought, but when her dad turned up instead, Jane got very confused and worried. What happened to my mom?  


Will Jane ever going to understand how much her parents love her? 


Every chapter will take the reader through an exciting journey. A colorful story accompanied by nicely selected pictures will make the reading experience more enjoyable.

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3 – 10 Years


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