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“My name is Sara. I am the most beautiful and typical unicorn you could ever imagine. My mane and tail are the softest imaginable.”  

Sara’s best friend, Minnie, was a young girl of seven. She was absolutely stuck on unicorns and had always wanted one for herself. 

Despite all the wonderful things about Sara (Unicorn), something often got her into a lot of trouble: she was a big show-off. 

The story gets very interesting when Minnie says she wants to see the world, especially what it looks like from way up there, and Sara agrees to take Minnie on tour. 


Minnie got excited about this but what she didn’t know was how uncontrollable and unstoppable Sara (Unicorn) can be when she gets too excited. Sara got panicked and was very sad to notice what happened. Minnie never expected her adventure to turn into a catastrophic one. Inspiring ending.  

This is a very inspiring and entertaining book with colourful illustrations and easy-to-read page layouts. 

This is another amazing work by NLP Coach and Motivational Trainer Nuwan Samarapathi. Children will have a remarkable experience reading this book. 

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3 – 10 Years


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