10 Motivational stories for children


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From musician and cake lover to crocodile and frog, each story in this visually appealing book is packed with lots of laughter and learning. Every story helps kids understand the processes of nature and life. They help understand the emotions they go through on their way to being fully grown. 


The stories are quite age-appropriate and pay special attention to teaching kids the proper expressions of their emotions. The first story, ‘The Friendly Jungle’ of lion, giraffe, and elephant, is a perfect start to build your kids’ excitement. This fictional piece of writing tells kids about the ways of communication of different animals. 


The second story, “The Musician,” is best identified as a motivational story of a visually impaired boy and his interest in learning music. “Timmy- the Cake Eater” brings the flavor of happiness, excitement, and sadness in a sweet way. “The girl with the board marker” explains a new form of communication, while “The curly-haired girl” is about accepting and embracing differences. 


There is also a story of a little girl and her pink shoes, which conveys the message of associating happiness with materials in a charming manner. There are many other stories that give an understanding of the importance of help, obedience, and patience. 


Dreams Arrow has carefully designed this richly-illustrated modern classic book with a fresh design approach. We believe this book is perfect for reading aloud to small children and is also great for the youngest readers who want to read by themselves. 

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